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Foodbank Northern Territory is the largest food relief organisation in the NT. Last year Foodbank NT distributed sufficient food for 31,000 meals per month to Territorians. This included the supply to 35 schools in the Schools Breakfast Program with sufficient food for 73,000 (fully sponsored) breakfast meals. unfortunately we no longer have that sponsorship.

Foodbank NT knows that in the NT, 1 in 6 students come to school without breakfast or lunch and we understand that right across the NT schools are feeding these students. From communication with our affiliates, we understand that this can apply significant pressure on schools budget.

Foodbank NT now offers schools the same rates that we offer charties that source their food through us. Through our warehouse and for a yearly affiliation fee, Foodbank NT is able to supply Top End Schools with food at greatly reduced prices (you pay only a handling feea) to drive your school food budget further. Foodbank NT can supply general gocery items, breakfast foods, fruit, vegetables, dairy, frozen foods, cooking and baking products, sweets and treats and personal care items. Contact us today to discuss your individual school needs by phone, email or personal meeting and tour.

Foodbank NT will now support over 20 urban and remote Territory schools and this figure continues to grow, with priority given to low socioeconomic status schools. The suppply of food for nutritious meals is not the only goal. Education of students on reducing food waste, food recycling and the importance of volunteerning in our community to help others suffering from food insecurity now plays an important role with partnerships with our school affiliates. Whole class excuresions to Foodbank NT can be arranged that include a one hour volunteering component and also visits by the Foodbank NT schools coordinator to school classes are also available primarly concerning, food re-use and recycling, reducing food waste and food in-security in the Northern Territory

The program gives students the opportunity to eat a wholesome, nutritious breakfast on a regular basis. Having breakfast has been shown to have a positive impact on factors such as physical and mental health, social skills, concentration, behavior, attendance and academic outcomes. An evaluation of Victorian-based School Breakfast clubs Programs by Fiona MacDonald (April 2017) found that:

  • 91% of teachers surveyed reported that student’s concentration had improved for students attending their School Breakfast Program
  • 81% of schools reported that student’s engagement with class activities improved for those attending their School Breakfast Program
  • 79% of schools reported that academic outcomes improved for students attending their School Breakfast Program.

Not having breakfast consequently has a huge impact on kids in the Territory. As the only current Territory provider of the School Breakfast Program, we need assistance to ensure breakfast is provided to all kids that require it.

All Top End schools may apply to become a Foodbank NT affiliate school by contacting Foodbank NT on 08 8947 3669 or Once contacted, Foodbank NT will send out relevant and more detailed information including an application form which the school will be required to complete and send back with relevant contact details of the food program coordinators and representatives that are authorised to obtain the required food items for the schools food programs(s)

Once completed and approved, the school will be sent their school ID number and they will be ready to shop at the Foodbank NT Warehouse located at 9 Mel Rd Berrimah and the invoice will be automatically sent to the school administration email address that has been supplied in the application form.

The Foodbank NT Warehouse Shop is open Tuesday, Wednesday and Fridays 8.00am - 1.00pm

Once affiliation details are completed and approved, the schools is able to place remote orders with their school ID number. Foodbank NT will send out the remote schools catalogue upon request. This catalogue should taken as a guide as particular items may not be in stock at all times.

Remote and regional schools are required to email Foodbank NT at or contact the Schools Program Coordinator on 08 8947 3669 to plan their order.

Freight to the schools is the responsibility of the receiver and Foodbank NT can arrange booking and pick up from the Foodbank NT Warehouse by the nomiated courier or delivery service. Please note that frozen goods such as meat and chicken can only be supplied if a refrigerated service is available to that particular remote or regional school

Remote and region school order can be picked up at the Foodbank NT Warehouse by authorised staff and colleagues, however this must be by prior arrangement and no shopping can be done on Monday or Thursday mornings due to Food Rescue

There are many opportunities for students to volunteer with Foodbank NT. From our Foodbank student ambassador program in schools, to supporting as volunteers at public events where Foodbank NT attends with promotional stands and the two annual food drvies that occur every year at either their own schools or local shopping centres in conjunction with our partners, Woolworths, Coles and IGA.

As a charity and the leading food relief agency in the Northern Territory, Foodbank NT relies on the good will of the general community, the corporate community, our donors and supporters to provide services that helps vulnerable territorians in need. Last November and December, Foodbant NT received over 70% of the food required from local sources, which puts the NT in the top percentage of giving locally in the country.

This is a testament to the giving culture that is prevalent in the Northern Territory which is evident in the support Foodbank NT continues to received from Darwin and Palmerston schools year after year. If your schools would like to get involved with Foodbank NT to fundraise or mobilise during our annual food drives in June or November contact the Foodbank NT Schools coordinator via email at or phone 08 8947 3669. 

Donors can donate to Foodbank in many ways, cash through one offs or regular contributions can be made here Donate.  Donations of food and other goods and services are also welcome. Please go to Donate Food or contact Foodbank NT direct via email at or phone 08 8947 3669.

Corporate support for Foodbank NT comes in many forms. One of the key ways that a business can assist the Schools Program is through cash donations to ensure regular supplies of staple goods and goods for remote school communities. Foodbank NT would be eager to hear from your organisation if you could assist with this! You may also be willing to sponsor a specific product, or adopt a remote school or you could be in a position to supply corporate volunteers for our othe rprograms.

Thank you to our Donors!

School Breakfast in Action!